Business Overview

Business Overview

General business and economic progress last year is as expected. Consequently, due to the preparedness of the team and effective business strategies, Unity Harness Limited's operating results are close to our budgets. Nevertheless, the vulnerable economic environment in many areas does affect our business. Due to the expansion of new markets, the company has reduced the impact of these provisions by Business OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturing


Stepping up to be a leader in Wire harness assemblies manufacturer in central plain region, Thailand. Develop excellence in Quality, Delivery, Cost, and Services, to versatility responds to customers needed for highest satisfaction.


1. Quality First, do it right for the first time.
2. Differentiation, to divert versatile products and services, for responding customers. versatility needs.
3. Cost effectiveness, builds a cost oriented product with high competitive to customers.
4. Make efficiently quick response to customers demand.
5. Applying, Flexible Manufacturing System to coup up quickly changing environment.
6. Inspiring to builds a Service mindset to avail customers highest satisfaction.

Quality Policy

The management and all employees, commitment to build high quality products and excellence services, with sustainable costs. Dedicated for teamwork, and continual improvement. To meet highest level of customers demand.